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    SKF品牌保护简介 反假冒  

假冒产品是所有知名轴承制造商所面临的一大问题。假冒产品随着全球供应链的延伸已经无处不在。假冒轴承不受型号、规格和地域的限制。 密封件及油脂产品也深受其害。



购买正品SKF轴承的最好方法就是通过 SKF 的授权渠道进行购买。您可以点击SKF中国的官方网站 ,查询SKF在中国的授权经销商。

如果您无意中购买到了假冒SKF轴承,或者想匿名通知我们在某地区存在某些假冒行为,您可以发送电子邮件至“” 与 SKF 中国品牌保护部取得联系。SKF的员工将对您的邮件予以保密。


A widespread industry
Counterfeit products are an issue for all branded bearing manufacturers. They exist in all geographical markets, in all industrial segments and for all bearing types and sizes. Seals and grease products are also affected.
Customers are being cheated
Counterfeit bearings and other counterfeit products are usually low-cost, no name products. They are illegally labeled and marketed with another company's brand, and placed in packaging that appears identical to genuine packaging used by the brand owner. Counterfeit bearings are sold to unsuspecting customers, usually around the same price as genuine products.
Machinery breakdowns and possible injuries
The risks for the customer can be serious. Counterfeit bearings may cause machinery breakdowns, costly production stoppages and injuries to people.
Fighting counterfeiting, SKF is taking action!
SKF continuously communicates with customers and authorized distributors to spread the knowledge about counterfeits and how to avoid being cheated. More information is also available in the brochure "Where are your bearings coming from?"
SKF actively assists local law enforcement authorities in taking action against this illegal trade. Successful raids and closed businesses do great harm to the counterfeit trade.
SKF and other bearing manufacturers work through the World Bearing Association (WBA). WBA is currently investing in a global information campaign against counterfeiting. Learn more on the campaign site.

Raising awareness, keep away from counterfeits!
The best way to safeguard product authenticity is to source SKF products through SKF authorized sources. Click SKF China official website to look up SKF authorized distributors in China.

If you believe that you have accidentally purchased a counterfeit, or would like to anonymously inform us of activity in this area, contact SKF China at SKF staff will handle your mail with confidentiality.

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